Wellness Fair: One step to a healthier self

Haley Ruyle


One may not realize that they need help or deny the fact that they need help, this year I went to the wellness fair and looked deep into how much therapy helps and not just myself but how many people do really need help this day and age and is therapy really effective. And to show that the wellness fair proves that therapy is good even for the closed minded.

All of the events at the wellness fair provides many forms of help: therapy dogs, substance abuse screening, depression screening, blood pressure screening, nutritional information, essential oil demonstration, drunk goggle demonstration, affordable care act information, and many healthy snacks! All of these events made this year’s wellness fair quite a turn out!

What I observed that day was that the therapy dogs were the most attractive event above all the other event going on in the wellness fair, and to be honest the dogs were really cute! Therapy dogs are not just for people who have physical and mental disorders such as blindness and epilepsy, therapy dogs can be used for many reasons, to help people with depression or with stress or to just be an above all good friend!

Walking around the room after seeing the cute dogs, I decided to check out what the fuss was all about on the depression screening. As I walked over to the station, they gave me papers and papers to fill out, half of it I didn’t know what it meant.

Finally it was my turn and I was scared, scared that they were going to tell me that I needed help or that I am crazy and need to go to a psych ward. But all was well and I am happily to say I am okay, but it is always good to go seek help or guidance even if you just want to talk.

Now just like any fair there can’t be any dull moments so of course they added some fun to go along with cuteness of the dogs! The first fun even, that I would personally say was my favorite were the drunk goggles, as dizzy as I was, I looked ridiculous and that’s what made my day making not just me but everyone around me smile and laugh.

The second and most delicious fun event was the nutritional information, only because it came with free food, and who doesn’t like free food!

Above all the wellness fair was great, I got slobbered on by adorable animals, realized that it’s okay to seek an outsider’s perspective, it’s always okay to act a little crazy, going to seek out for help is not embarrassing at all, and I enjoyed really great snacks. I hope all that went to the wellness fair this year had a just as good of an experience as I did.

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