Warm Soda’s Fizzy First Art Show!

Ashtyn Britt

Warm Soda Magazine hosted its very first art show over the summer in June at Alton’s Old Bakery Beer Co, each work of art participating in a contest for the best in show. The event went off without a hitch, and had been a smash hit with the local public!

There’d been a rush of excitement and appreciation filling the air each day as the employees of Warm Soda advertised products for sale, and served everyone who stopped by the art show a friendly smile. Warm Soda Magazine also offered everyone in attendance the chance to submit an anonymous vote for their personal favorite to be revealed at the end of the three-day-event, creating an extra layer of mystery for the artists and attendees alike.

There had also been a place for donations to be made to the company, as well as a silent auction where Warm Soda partnered with other local Alton businesses such as It’s Raining Zen and Score! Records, which is not unexpected since the goal of Warm Soda is to cover and support fellow local businesses in the Riverbend Area.

The participants were also treated to free musical performances by Joey Ciaramitaro and Jones Allison until later on in the night, when all winners were announced. One of the Co-Founders of Warm Soda Magazine, Shelby Clayton, then had everyone gather around before announcing the winners of the art show and silent auction.

“Sacred Heart” by artist Cyrhen Sohngs won best in show, “Boyfriend” by artist Emma Hagerty won crowd favorite, and honorable mentions were granted to artists Audrey Parcell for “Peaches & Patches”, Maddie Aunger for “Housekey”, Anna Dixon for “I’ve Been Terribly Distracted”, and Spencer Addison Hughes for “Stop Calling it a Revival.”

Based on the support of everyone who attended the art show along with Warm Soda supporting local businesses and artists, it can be well assumed more positive things are to come from Warm Soda Magazine! With any hope, there will be the promise of more successful art shows in the future! Warm Soda Magazine is reachable on the Warm Soda Magazin facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, as well as www.warmsodamag.com for content, merchandise, and future events.

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