Victoria’s Secret Show Canceled

Haley Ruyle


Every year since August 1, 1995 the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has never failed, never stopped showing and has always kept the magic alive. Every year, people all around the world have turned on their televisions just to watch amazing angels walk across the runway, until this one historical event in 2019 when they decided to cancel the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. 

The news that the show may be cancelled is not entirely unexpected, given that back in May the Wall Street Journal reported that the lingerie brand was planning not to televise the show going forward due to “declining viewership and criticism” of the show and the brand as a whole.

Victoria’s Secret has been around since June 12, 1977, and women for the past 42 years all over the world shop at the famous Victoria’s Secret, but what makes this lingerie shop different than most? It’s the stunning angels and the fabulous show, that makes girls from all four corners of the world buy from the beautiful angel lingerie line.

“Unfortunately the Victoria’s Secret show won’t be happening this year,” Shanina Shaik, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, told Australia’s The Daily Telegraph. “It’s something I’m not used to because every year around this time I’m training like an angel. But I’m sure in the future something will happen, which I’m pretty sure about.”

She added, “I’m sure they’re trying to work on branding and new ways to do the show because it’s the best show in the world.”

And because of this outrageous Victoria’s Secret Show cancellation, everyone worldwide has gone crazy wondering why the anonymous decision to cancel this year’s show was made. The network thought that the reason for declining views was the lack of diversity in the show. It’s speculated that the network decided to cancel this year’s show until all the heat settles after the New York Times Square runway show that took place in 2018.

So until the network decides to bring back the angels we all know and love, we are without the beauties. In the meantime, we still have the amazing Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Pink lingerie stores.

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