Vets Get Honored at L&C Basketball Game



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Lewis and Clark Veteran’s Club members were honored on Nov. 3 before the basketball game scheduled that night.

The L&C staff took a moment before the men’s basketball game to thank the veterans for their service and presented them with United States flags while playing the National Anthem.

The first veteran honored was Veteran’s Club President, James Wilson, who was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Air Force. Wilson is now a full-time student in the L&C nursing program.

The second honoree went to the Vice-President of the L&C Veteran’s Club, Shannon Yount. Yount is an Honorably Discharged veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and is now a full-time student in the L&C Mass Communications program.

Next was Daniel Morell, who was unable to attend. He serves as the Secretary to the club and is an Honorably Discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy. He was previously an L&C graduate and is now returning full-time to complete the Process Operations Technology program.

Jeff Sherwood serves as the Treasurer to the Veteran’s Club, he was also not in attendance to his honoring. Sherwood is an Honorably Discharged veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army. He is now a full-time student in the L&C Restoration Ecology program and the L&C Process Operations Technology program.

Every academic year, the Veteran’s Club involves themselves in several activities to raise awareness about their club and help out facilities for those who have served in the military. The club donated to the Veteran Memorials recently erected in Edwardsville, IL and Wood River, IL.

Members of the Veteran’s Club are also a part of American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars U.S.A. “We help veterans gain access to resources and can serve as mentors to others who are recently discharged and have not been through the process yet,” said Sherwood.

I feel as though this club helps veterans and the local community on many levels,” said Yount. “The Veteran’s Club is a resource that puts out information to the veteran population on campus to include assisting them with college life.”

For more information about the Veteran’s Club, contact Terry Lane, the director of Veteran’s Services at

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