Unus Annus: The Necessary Death Of Something Great 000:00:00

By Mary Curvey


What is it? 

Unus Annus was a Youtube channel created by Markiplier and Crankgameplays that would upload a video every day for a year starting on Nov. 15, 2019, which would then all be deleted after the year was over, the name simply meaning one year. 

What were the videos about? 

Every video showcased Mark and Ethan trying something new together. Whether it was pushing their limits by getting pepper-sprayed, seeing how long they could hold their breath underwater or learning how to lockpick and summon ghosts, every video was something new and full of jokes. 

Why delete it? 

The motto of the channel was “Memento Mori,” or “remember death”. They created every day and deleted all of it so people had only their memories as a reminder to live in the moment. Every video started and ended with the clock ticking down to the moment the channel would be deleted. Why? Because we all have a clock ticking, this one we could just see. They ended the channel with a 12-hour stream leading up to them deleting it live on Nov. 13 at midnight. Fans shared how it changed their life, chanting and tweeting “we were here.” The last words before the end were “see you on the other side,” from both Mark and Ethan.

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