Trump Demands $8 Billion For a Wall. Is it Really Necessary?

Taylor Hudson


What would you do with 8 billion dollars? Would you travel across the world, pay for college, or buy a new car? Would you choose to donate to a cause such as poverty, starvation, or any major disaster?  There are very few limits on what you could do with $8 billion dollars! With that amount of money, you could make a real change in the world. That is exactly what Donald Trump is about to do, except as a change for the worse.

President Donald Trump has recently declared a national crisis on the southern border wall, leading him to demand $8 billion for funding. In 2018, Donald Trump began demanding that the government fork over approximately $5.7 billion to fund the build of the border wall. Despite the fact, the United States national debt is at an all-time high at approximately $20 trillion and counting. President Donald Trump has now raised the bar demanding $8 billion to be freed by multiple government agencies. According to John Fritze and David Jackson from USA Today, President Trump plans to collect $3.6 billion from military construction, $600 million from asset frontier funds at the United States Department of the Treasury, $2.5 from drug interdiction, and $1.375 million from congressional funding.

Since Trump has begun his campaign, he has spoken about “Making America great again”. Donald Trump’s great idea of leading Americans to greatness is by building a wall that will stretch across the border separating Mexico and America. Blocking people, like me and you, from entering the United States. This wall is supposed to secure the American border from allowing “dangerous” people, drugs, and illegal immigrants from crossing into the land of the free.

To make matters worse, These families are not just being denied access to the states, but once in custody of the U.S. border patrol, families are being separated. Children are being ripped away from their parents without an explanation and put in the custody of strangers. Last year thousands of families were torn apart without remorse and with no concern. This leaves me to wonder… Who is the real threat?

To further mislead the American people, Trump gives false reports, exaggerated numbers, and misleading news. Trump is manipulating people to believe that the U.S. needs high-security protection. Although a prototype of the wall was constructed and soon after demolished. Donald Trump, a portion of Republicans, and a fraction of the American people believe that building a wall is the right idea. When in reality, building a border wall is entirely unethical. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the house, was right on by saying “A wall, in my view, is an immorality. It’s the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea… unless this has something to do with something else.”  

For circumstances highly related to the wall, in December of 2018, President Trump administered a government shutdown which lasted for 35 days, the longest in US history. The government shutdown affected people all over the United States. Our president decided to withhold state aid from struggling families and forced government employees to work for no pay. The people of Mexico are not the only ones impacted by the president’s poor choices.

I have seen nothing good come from the idea of this wall. This wall, to me, seems to be starting more problems than solving any and it hasn’t even been built yet! Which leaves me to wonder… Is this wall really necessary?  If the government funds Donald Trump $8 billion dollars and he proceeds to build a wall, in my opinion, things will go downhill from there.

If you are against President Donald Trump building the wall, I advise you to stay updated, join protests, sign petitions, and register to vote.

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