Transfer Day Transitions Into Success



Photo by Matt Monroe
Matt Monroe

Lewis and Clark Community College hosted Transfer Day, On Oct. 13, for high school and college students from across the county to plan their future.

In total, there were over 37 colleges and organizations and 219 students in attendance to the event. Some of these colleges/organizations included Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Quincy University, University of Illinois, Army ROTC, and Lindenwood University.

These colleges handed out information to students on how to transfer to a new school, and why they should choose their college.

“[Transfer Day is] an opportunity for students who are interested in transferring to a four year school to gather information from various schools throughout the state and region,” said Delfina Dornes, the director of enrollment and advising at L&C.

“Students should be thinking about what that next step is going to be, education-wise,” Dornes continued. “Are they going to stay at Lewis and Clark? Are they going to transfer? It’s important to start that information gathering early.”

Students were treated to free refreshments including soda and pizza while gathering more information about colleges they could possible transfer into.

“It was pretty great. The food and drink was lovely, and I thought the people manning their stations for their colleges were all very friendly and nice,” L&C Student, Keith Kerkemeyer said.

If a student plans to transfer from Lewis and Clark and didn’t make it to Transfer Day, he or she should contact their academic advisor or call (618) 468-2222 to set up an appointment.

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