Trailblazer Snack Pantry Helps Feed L&C Students

Ashtyn Britt


Following a survey taken earlier this year, which asked the student body for feedback about food insecurity, it was decided that some form of snack pantry would come to Lewis and Clark Community College to help feed hungry students.

The Trailblazer Snack Pantry is located in Caldwell 2320 and available for all students. Donations may also be made to the Snack Pantry. Only nonperishable food donations are allowed. Students interested in having items picked up can contact Terry Lane at

The acceptable donations allowed to be made by anyone wishing to contribute to the food pantry are single serving nonperishable foods or drinks, preferably with low sugar and high protein, including various kinds of snack bars, different types of crackers, nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, fruit snacks, fruit cups, microwavable foods, single serve meat pouches, and single serve meat cans.

Various drinks such as single-serve juice boxes, single-serve juice pouches, and shelf-stable milk are also needed.

L&C Faculty and Staff are welcomed and encouraged to donate and help students in need.

Students or donors with questions can contact Alice Bunjan at


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