Top Five Ways to Have Fun on Easter!

Haley Ruyle


  1. Dying Eggs

I believe this is everyone’s favorite activity to do. I know it is my favorite  Easter activity. It brings family and friends together while letting everybody express their creativity! With so many different colors and designs to create, there are endless possibilities!

      2. Hunting for Eggs

This is an Easter tradition that has been around for many years. It is super fun for the kids and adults, and you really can’t go wrong with chocolate or any candy in particular! It is a super fun outdoor or indoor activity depending on the weather. Egg hunting is a competitive game that just brings family and friends together!

     3. Truth or Dare: Plastic Egg Edition

We all know the game of Truth or Dare! If you pull out a “truth” then you have to tell the truth about a question asked. If you pull a “dare”, you have to do a dare someone gives to you. The only thing that makes “Truth or Dare: Plastic Egg Edition” any different is that the questions and dares are written and placed randomly inside Easter eggs!

     4. Egg Roulette

This is a fun and messy game that may ruin friendships! In this game, you take a dozen eggs, half raw and the other half hard-boiled, and then crack them on each other’s heads! The contestants then hope and pray that their eggs are hard-boiled! The person with the least mess on their head wins, so just hope you don’t end up getting the raw eggs!

     5. Taking pictures with the Easter Bunny

Every little kid likes to take pictures with the Easter Bunny, similar to taking pictures with Santa Claus at Christmas time! This is a great way to create lasting memories that can be printed out on customized cards or calendars, coffee mugs, and even throw blankets!

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