Top Five Disney Villains

Graphic by Jason Wallace
Ashtyn Britt

It’s no secret that I’m a Disney fanatic. For as long as I could remember, as long as there have been great heroes, there are even better villains. After all, without an antagonist, the heroes wouldn’t have any conflict and there wouldn’t be any fabulous villain songs! So, I have listed my personal top five favorite Disney Villains of all time.

  1. Maleficent

Who could beat the mistress of all evil? The dark wingless fairy who can turn into a dragon? She cursed a newborn baby at her own christening to get back at the baby’s parents. Maleficent is the very definition of petty, and we love her for it.


The ruler of the underworld, the god of death, one of the funniest villains known to this day. Hades is a delight to watch, providing humorous commentary to even out his gloomy demeanor. Along with his henchmen Pain and Panic, he creates many conflicts for Hercules in an effort to steal Olympus away from Zeus. Despite unleashing the deadly titans, you can’t help but love his sharp sense of humor and blue flame hair!

       3. Jafar

That beard isn’t the only thing that’s twisted about him! Using a snake staff to control the simple-minded sultan, he’s also willing to murder whomever he needs to in order to gain control of the magical lamp to gain power. While he is no doubt a menace, he is also very calculating and obviously as intelligent as he is mad. It’s always interesting to see how such a brilliant man could end up the villain amongst the more simple minded-folk of Agrabah.

      4. The Evil Queen

You can’t beat the original! This woman is so evil, she’s willing to poison her own thirteen-year-old stepchild because she thinks she’s too pretty. That’s not only sociopathic but intriguing as we see the elaborate lengths she’ll go to remain fairest in the land. However, disguising herself as someone hideous seems a little counterproductive. Why didn’t she use magic to make herself prettier? Or to make Snow White the ugly one? Oh well, you know what they say about hindsight.

       5. Scar

I hope you’re prepared for his legendary accent and villain song! I could re-listen to “Be Prepared” on a loop for hours. He was horrible enough to kill his own brother to let him be trampled by a stampede. That’s cold, especially for what’s supposed to be a kid’s movie.

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