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Lewis and Clark Community college Spring Enrollment is now open (LCCC Flikr)
Lewis and Clark Community College: Spring Enrollment is now open; signup before it’s too late.  (Photo: LCCC Flikr)
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Nov. 3 marked the start of online-only registration for Spring 2015 and open registration began Nov. 10. Making the right choices for classes is important when building towards a degree, because a mistake can set you back an entire school-year.

Being unprepared or registering late could result in missing out on the one required class left for the degree. However, there are ways to avoid these registration mistakes.

It’s essential to make a plan. Every degree at Lewis and Clark has required and elective courses that must be taken to complete the degree.

“You can find your program evaluation on blazernet, [that shows] which classes you have taken and still need, as well as track your estimated semester of graduation,” Jess Trask, an Academic Adviser at L&C said.

“The earlier [you] can register for classes, the better available selection of class times and days. January is a hectic month for Enrollment, [it’s better to] register before [the semester] break,” Cathy Laramee, also Academic Adviser at L&C said .

Early registration is important because there are many courses that students must take for their degrees or transfer schools, that can fill up quickly.

“If you plan to transfer, there are guides from these schools with specific general education classes that the four year institution prefers,” Trask said.

Some students become rigid with their semester plans, but it is better to be flexible. Often, a class may not be offered during a specific semester, may occur at the same time as another class, or is cancelled due to poor enrollment.

A flexible schedule is beneficial, and overloading a schedule can be detrimental. Choose your classes carefully, and consider how much work the class will be and try to strike a balance between difficult and less strenuous classes. This will help prevent getting overwhelmed.

Managing time for schedules is also a must for students. Remember to keep schedules open for lunch, sleep schedules, and allowing travel time to get to and from campus.

Choosing the right instructor can also be an asset to a successful and enjoyable semester. Many classes have multiple instructors teaching them each semester. Ask classmates about instructors and their teaching and grading style before registering for their class.

Most importantly, students should stay organized. Keep semester outlines, lists of classes, and other relevant registration paperwork together.

These tips don’t guarantee a frustration-free registration process, but they will certainly make things a bit easier for everyone.

L&C’s 2014-2015 catalog can be found at  and the classes being offered for spring 2015 can be found on Blazernet or through your L&C Portal.



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