Through the Hoops!

Anna Summers


On Nov. 19 the boys’ basketball team was held in the Riverbend Arena. Many people in the local community and students showed up to support the mighty basketball players, trying to take the win against the Wabash. Before each game, the players gather together and have their usual talk to pump up the boys’ energy to get them ready to defeat the opponents and do amazing defenses and scores throughout the game.

At the end of period one, Lewis & Clark Community College Trailblazers had the score of 35 points while Wabash had the score of 42. At the beginning of the second period of the game, the Trailblazers, one of the players did an amazing defense and blocking the opponents from scoring with 12 minutes to spare. The time resting at ten minutes and 50 seconds, still counting down most of the players trying to continue their great blocking.

Even at moments where the Trailblazers seemed to begin to struggle, their loyal crowd continued to support their team as they clapped and cheered for the players. Six minutes until the second period is over, back and forth with the ball from team to team in a feverish effort to gain more points. After the passing around the ball more, Trailblazers ended up making a great shot!

With one minute to spare, the scores went up, Lewis and Clark had 70 points and Wabash had 90 points. Both teams were visibly nervous and ready to continue playing their hearts out and ready to see how the game would end. With the last minute counting down quickly, the Trailblazers had been unfortunately defeated. With the players from home having an ending score of 73 points and Wabash having the score of 94 points.

Basketball player Matija Radosevich felt that there had been a decline of performance as the game continued on.

“The game was good on the first half, then went down during the second half,” said Radosevich after the game.

Although the Trailblazers may have lost this game, the team is not going to let this stop them from giving their all for the coming up games.

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