The Vermillion Sky, Pt. 7

By Andrew Agney


Ciel hums softly as she goes about her first day of class at GrimRaven, she was placed in the recovery coven and as such, she was taught a glyph for a minor healing spell and she is learning how to make potions. 

The other members of her placement group are also enjoying their first day of classes. Breeze was placed in the nature coven and is learning to gain more control over plants, other than just being able to grow them.

Syrid was placed in the deception coven and is learning more illusion spells, such as invisibility and shadow magic.

And last but not least, Exquise was placed in the destruction coven and is learning new fire spells that she can empower with her inherently magical lava blood.

During lunch time, Ciel sits with Breeze and Syrid, the trio talking about how their classes have been going and the new magic they’ve been learning. Meanwhile, Exquise sat with the other Rhyolitions of the school, showing off her fire spells to impress the others of her kind.

During the latter half of the school day, Breeze runs up to Ciel, panting softly.  “Ciel! I need your help!” the little goblin girl exclaims.

“Oh. hey Breeze! What do you need?” Ciel asks as she pulls a textbook out of her locker. 

“It’s the nature coven…we’re going to see a dragon tonight to try and appease it before it attacks the city! You’re a half-dragon, can you come with and try to help?” Breeze asks, her hands clasped together in a begging pose. 

“Sure thing!” Ciel exclaims with a smile “I know a ton about drago-DRAGON?!” she yells out as the realization of what Breeze said hits her, the goblin girl nodding slowly in response.

“I-I, uh…” she takes a deep breath and puffs out her chest in confidence “I can help! I personally have never met a dragon, but…I’ve read a lot of books and my mom has told me all about them!”

“That’s…not exactly comforting…” Breeze comments. Ciel puts an arm around her in response.

“Relax, Breeze! With me by your side, nothing can go wrong!”




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