The Vermillion Sky, Pt. 6

By Andrew Agney


Ciel, Breeze, Exquise and Syrid stand in front of their principal, drinking health potions to help recover from the previous battle; the dwarven principal speaking up as their wounds magically heal themselves. 

“You did well children…and now, it is time to find out which Covens you will be assigned,” he says simply, first turning his attention towards the shadow elf boy. 

“Syrid Volar…for your cunning and use of illusions, you shall join the deception coven,” as principal BrokenAnvil’s hands glow a golden color, a deep purple cloak with a hood appears on Syrid, the dwarf then moving on to Exquise, the Rhyolition. 

“Exquise Inferno, you fought bravely, but recklessly…your fire is powerful and can be deadly, so you must take care when using it…which you can learn to do in the destruction coven,” as his hands glow again, a red cloak appears on Exquise, the principal next moving on to Breeze, the goblin.

“Breeze Everwinter, you have a kind heart and a tender touch, your control over plants is a good start, but it will not take you far…the nature coven can help you with that.” Once again, his hands glow and a forest green cloak appears on Breeze. 

BrokenAnvil then approaches Ciel, the small dragon child looking up at her principal with a mix of excitement and anxiety on her face.

 “Ciel Scarletscale…you were courageous and strategic, putting the wellbeing of your allies first. That, partnered with your…unique situation of not being able to make magic on a whim, you shall be placed in the recovery coven, where you may further support your fellow witches.” One final time, his hands glow with a golden light, and Ciel’s home-made cloak turns pink, now matching her dress. 

Ciel gives a soft pout as she hears this before Principal BrokenAnvil speaks again, “Do not take this as a sign of you being weaker than other witches. The recovery coven has produced some of the most powerful witches in the world,” he states, Ciel’s expression brightening up at that.

“Go home and rest children…tomorrow, you will officially start your new classes and begin your journey to becoming witches.”

The four teenagers give a polite bow before they begin to file out of the Arena, but one of them stops; Exquise pausing for a moment before she turns to Ciel.

“Hey, Ciel…” she starts, the half-dragon stopping and turning as well.

“Thanks for the save back there. you aren’t a half-bad witch…” she says quietly. “But…tell anyone about this and you’re getting burned next,” she continues, trying to sound threatening.

Ciel just giggles softly and gives a wave.  “Don’t worry about it, I’ll catch ya later!” she says before heading out of the arena and making her way home to get ready for her first day of school.




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