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By Jess Bonniwell

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Sucker Punch is a trippy fantasy-adventure film about a group of girls wanting to escape a mental asylum and working to do it through a less than elaborate plan, visualized by the audience as various worlds of fighting between the girls and zombies, robots, and a dragon. The film is directed by Zack Snyder and written by Snyder and Steve Shibuya. Zack Snyder has given us some beautiful gems such as 300 and Watchmen, which makes me wonder how such a terrible movie like Sucker Punch could ever come from a movie maker that has garnered so much respect. About the main actresses, I have little to say. A good bunch of cute girls usually stuck in lesser roles in movies that few people remember. Its nice that they got a chance to put their skills out in the open… sadly they did not live up to that opportunity.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Good: I can say a few good things. The cinematography, as is usual with Snyder’s films, was brilliant. The artistic taste was very poignant and well done. The digital coloring was well done and most definitely added to the feelings that were trying to be portrayed through each scene.

The Bad: A LOT!!! I could go on about the bad for a long time. The acting was terrible. The fight choreography was terrible. The plot? Not worth the paper that it was written on. The entire movie felt like one long strip of pretty images and colors strung together by a giant pile of…   NOTHING.

The Bottom Line: Don’t touch it. If you really want to see the pretty images just Google them. It’s not worth going through the actual movie to see them.

The Reel Rating:



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1 thought on “THE REEL DEAL: Sucker Punch Review

  1. Wow! Quite a stinging review here, although I can’t say I’ll ever see this (even on DVD) so I can’t agree or disagree.

    But here’s a question for you — which movies do you feel have strong female characters that can take care of themselves or are equal to their male partners in the action? I’m thinking of a couple Angelina Jolie movies (Mr/Mrs Smith and Lara Croft) but there could be others out there. Maybe Point of no return with Bridget Fonda?

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