THE REEL DEAL: Shia In The New Bourne Movie? Possibly?

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Good ole Shia Labeouf has just been added to the long list of actors grabbing at the leading role for the new Bourne spin-off series. Also on this list are some big names like Jake Gyllenhaal and… wait… I dont think any of the other names are big.

My opinion?? Too soft. Shia’s charm is in his witty comments and teenage-ish naevity (this poor guy is never gonna look a day older than 19). He may have been able to be mildly serious in the movie Eagle Eye (which was predictable but not too bad), but I really doubt he could go up to the cold and numb personality that Bourne movies utilize.

Who do I want to play Bourne? (besides Matt Damon?) I’m gonna have to go with Joseph Gordon-Levitte. You know, that goofie long-haired kid on Third Rock from the Sun. You would probably ask how in the world he’s not too soft to play the role, and a while ago I would have agreed with you. Until I saw Inception. Man! He really did shine in that movie. I gotta say, I think he could pull this role off and do an amazing job at that.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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2 thoughts on “THE REEL DEAL: Shia In The New Bourne Movie? Possibly?

  1. Totally agree, Shia=Fail, and Joseph might be able to pull it off. I just wish Matt would just do it anyways, because I cant see any borne movies without him doing very well.

  2. I agree, Matt Damon and the Bourne movies go together. Saw Inception but can’t place the actor you mentioned. Shia Labeouf is definitely not up to par for Bourne, in my opinion.

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