THE REEL DEAL: George Lucas Beats A Dead Horse… In 3D!

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Here we go! We all knew it had to happen sooner or later… I was just hoping it would happen after I died.

All six Star Wars movies are being r- released into theaters starting with Episode I on February 10th, 2012.The rest of the films will most likely follow once a year until 2017. Ok so there may be a few cool bits to this movie… 3D podracing could be pretty cool, but it also means that we’ll have to watch Jar-Jar Binks destroy the movie’s dignity (or the dignity of any other SW movie… if it had any to begin with).

There are enough Starwoids (starwars fan to the extreme) that I’m sure the movies will do just fine. Meaning that George Lucas will be able to sit back and milk even more of his “legacy” for years to come.

Will I go see it? NOT! Not unless someone paid me too, and let me tell you… that price would be high.

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