The New Romantic: Love Has Got Nothing to do With It

Ashtyn Britt


There are some people who are willing to do anything for love, but boy howdy, the protagonist in this movie really will do anything! Blake Conway, the main character of this movie, is an old-fashioned romantic who dreams of a movie style romance in a world that seems to have given up on the concept in favor of a more promiscuous method of approaching relationships. She even writes for her college paper about her woes of lack of love and concludes that once and for all romance is dead and that she should learn how to flow with this new-age attitude towards relationships.

Blake soon sees exactly the kind of mess that she’s really signed up for when she decides to become a sugar baby and record her experiences as such, as well as what she learns from the experience. A sugar baby is a young woman who engages in physical relationships with older men in exchange for gifts and money, although aren’t seen the same as prostitutes because they enter into “relationships” with these men rather than just only being physical with these men. As she engages on “dates” with a professor and justifies her actions it begins to feel unsettling and a bit sad as the movie goes on.

This movie is completely riddled with cynicism and is extremely unfair to the romantics in the real world who desire genuine old-fashioned romance. While relationships the organic way may seem difficult to find and are never as perfect as movies seem, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist and it definitely doesn’t mean one should exploit their body in the process. While I personally believe everyone has the right to enjoy relationships of any kind as they see fit, assuming the parties involved are aware of the nature of the relationship, it’s different when you make choices based from low self-esteem. I would highly advise against watching this movie, and its disturbing message on love.

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