The Mandela Effect!

Haley Ruyle


What is the Mandela Effect and how did it all start? The Mandela Effect is like a false memory except on a global scale. So when people remember something, such as someone dying when they’re actually still alive. That’s how the Mandela Effect started, by everyone remembering a man named Nelson Mandela who supposedly died in prison on July 23, 1991, but in reality died on Dec 5, 2013.

Many conspiracy theorists like Shane Dawson, believe that the Mandela Effect could happen for a probable different amount of reasons such as the existence of a parallel universe, time traveling, aliens, the Government, or even the Illuminati! Don’t believe in such conspiracies? Here are some possibilities of why this isn’t some silly little hoax!


  1. Parallel Universe

Men have only traveled so far out into the Universe, so why would a Parallel Universe not exist? It is said that the universe that we live in has switched with its parallel universe and that is why people have false memories, because we remember what happened from the original Universe.

       2. Time Travel

One of the biggest theories in the Mandela effect, as well as many other conspiracy theories,  involve Time Traveling. What does time travel have to do with the Mandela Effect? Theorists believe that time travelers exist. Maybe not from our time, but somewhere far into the future and every time a time traveler uses their time machine they change history. However, it only changes small little things that affect today’s history, just like the butterfly effect.

      3. Aliens

Why is it always aliens? No one really knows if aliens exist, but for some odd reason, people have a tendency to blame aliens for every unnatural phenomenon. So could aliens be behind the Mandela Effect? Probably not, but there’s always a slight chance.

     4. The Governments

Everyone knows that the Government loves to hide things from the world! So could the Mandela Effect be one of the Government’s many secrets? What is the purpose behind it all? What history are they trying to cover up? So many unanswered questions!

     5. The Illuminati

Everyone knows who the Illuminati are, but does everyone actually know who the Illuminati are? No, and no one ever will. The Illuminati is a secret organization but is very much a real thing. So nobody really knows what they actually do or what they’re capable of. They sound a bit sinister if one thinks about it long enough! So who is to say they aren’t using mind control to cause the Mandela Effect?

2 thoughts on “The Mandela Effect!

  1. Oh and by the way, this so-called Mandela Effect is only about 5 weeks old. Wrap your head around that, and really think. I mean really think. Somehow I am immune to this. All of this has been driving me crazy, but at least now I know the truth. Anyone reading this dig deeper! Google anything I mean anything. Get more results and more results and more results and more results and then again more results until you get to some weird looking shit, and click on it. I dare you. Keep doing that over and over and you will see if the internets not the Internet. That’s all I’m gonna say seeing is believing

  2. All right guy. I’ve been researching this for quite a long time. I too was thinking it was alternate timelines. It is not! I got into the quantum theory of it all, and keep having problems with the going back in time. It wasn’t making any sense. Then I started questioning people around me and in my life. That’s when I noticed they remembered somethings right and others not. I then began the process of actually talking to them and making them remember!!!!! This is a simulation that the information is being inputted differently each day. There are many of us that is completely immune to these changes. I can prove it. Google something. Hit more results And more results and more results and more results. When you went far enough you will find website address’s that do not exist. At first they will flash For a second like you’re getting in and then it will block you out. You will also see all of the coding for this world! I just had a post up on Reddit explaining all this and it went away. Not a nutcase, just a really smart guy was trying to figure all of it out I stumbled upon the truth. Don’t take anything I say as being right. Look for yourself. Find people close to you, that you trust. If they believe something one way, And you know its not the truth. Talk to them. Get them to explain why they know it there way. Just simply talking to them will make them start to remember. Tell me, if I am able to do that. Then how would they be from an alternate time line? Because they are not. Their brains are easier to manipulate, The new info is typed in and their brains accept it. One last thing, the Statue of Liberty is on the wrong island, why isn’t everybody freaking the hell out over that? Just think about that!!

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