The L&C Soccer Teams Wrap-up the Season



Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Kelly Rulison
Sports Editor

Both of the men and women’s soccer teams celebrate their victory and accomplishments with a ceremony in their honor. Each team has set a new goals for themselves to follow in upcoming seasons.

The men and women’s soccer teams finished strong this year with both attending National Tournaments. The men ended their season with 18 wins, 4 ties, and 1 loss total; while the girls have 16 wins, 4 ties, and 2 losses.

They got a taste of what it is like to take on the best in the nation and it motivates them to get better and work harder,” said Assistant Coach, Ryan Hodge.

Hodge continued, “It also gets them exposure to be recruited all over the United States as there are numerous coaches that watch and attend this event.”

On Nov. 6 the men played their Central District Championship game against Jefferson, MO and won 1-0. This win officially entered the men’s team into the NJCAA National Championship.

They played against Martinsville Hill at the NJCAA National Championships Group Play on Tuesday Nov. 17 and won 2-1. The last game was against Pima SRSC in the NJCAA Division National Tournament Pool D on Nov. 18 and they lost 4-1, which ended their season.

Photo by L&C Flickr
Photo by L&C Flickr

On Nov. 7 the women played against St. Charles in their Central District Championship game and won 3-1. The women then advanced into the NJCAA National Tournament and played against Laramie County on Tuesday Nov. 17 and lost 3-1. They played one more time against Iowa Central on Wednesday Nov. 18 and lost 4-1.

The soccer teams’ appearances in the national tournament provided proof that the hard work and more importantly, teamwork, is what got them there,” Doug Stotler, Athletic Director said.

The fact that both teams made it to the NJCAA Nationals is an event that hasn’t happened before in years. Head soccer coach, Tim Rooney, was named All Region Coach of the Year for Women’s Soccer.

Blake Cearns was named the 2015 All Region 24 men player of the year and Nicole Howard was named the 2015 All Region 24 women player of the year.

With these awards earned, each team is pumped and ready to give the next season their all, once again, and bring home even more trophies.

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