The LC Men’s Baseball Trailblazers Accept the Challenge of the Upcoming Season

Nick Muskopf

Irene Ruiz

As the season progresses, our baseball team’s journey has been one of ups and downs, wins and losses, but above all, it has been a testament to resilience and determination. With 22 games left on the schedule, the team has a record of 18-16 overall, but they are ready to make their mark on the remainder of the season.

One of our strongest points this season has been our offense. With a .292 batting average as a team, the Trailblazers have demonstrated their ability to deliver a consistent performance. Seven of the players have batting averages over .300, demonstrating the depth and talent among the athletes this season.

This offensive potency is driving them to accomplish their goals. This was reflected in one of their recent games against McKendree University, in which the score was 12-2 in favor of our boys. However, like any team, there are some areas where they must focus on to improve.

“We are working on being consistent on defense and pitching,” Men’s Baseball Head Coach Alex Ferguson said.

During the weekend of March 29-31, the boys faced #16 Lincoln Land Community College. Although the result was not entirely in our favor, it serves as a learning experience to grow and strengthen the team’s weak points. Looking ahead to the rest of the season, the boys are expected to continue honing their skills and will approach each game with determination.

“At times we have played great in all areas, but when we have lost, we have struggled in those areas.” Ferguson reported.

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