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Shelby Wallace
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Well known American contemporary writer, Stephen King, recently won an Edgar Award on April 29, for his supernatural thriller “Mr. Mercedes”.

The Edgar Awards, named after Edgar Allen Poe, are presented by the Mystery Writers of America, every year to honor novels, films, and even plays surrounding mystery.

The Awards are separated into categories such as “Best Novel” and “Best Short Story.” This year, King won “Best Novel” for his book, “Mr. Mercedes”.

Unlike King’s previous works, “Mr. Mercedes” doesn’t feature any kind of supernatural and paranormal elements, but instead focuses on crime and mystery.

Born on Sept. 2, 1947 in Portland, Maine, Stephen King grew up with a split family while staying close to home in his early life.

After receiving a degree in English from University of Maine in 1970, King went on to begin a career teaching while writing stories on the side.

Three years later, in 1974, King’s first novel “Carrie” was published. “Carrie” was a novel of supernatural suspense, for which he eventually became known. Following the success of Carrie, King wrote many famous works such as “The Shining”, “Cujo”, and “IT”.

Many of King’s novels, occasionally published under the alias of Richard Bachman, not only became widely known, but became movies or miniseries.

“Under the Dome” is the latest film adaptation from King’s work. Written in 2009, “Under the Dome” tells the story of the citizens of Chesterfield who are trapped within a dome that surrounds their town. While trying to maintain order and peace, the citizens began to question the existence of this barrier, and the purpose behind it.

“As a long-time admirer of King’s writing,” Coordinator of Adult Education Student Services, Julie McAfoos said, “one of my most favorite quotes from the book is ‘Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.’ It just echoed in my mind.”

This widely known author has not only obtained the Edgar award, but has many notable awards such as the Goodreads Choice Award’s Best Mystery & Thriller and the Bram Stoker Award. With over 10 awards, 54 published novels, and over 200 short stories King continues to amaze, thrill and scare us with his chillingly vivid writing style.

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