The Face Behind the Black Student Association

Taylor Hudson

The BSA, or black student association, is a student lead facilitated club that empowers and enlightens African American students, and has been a part of Lewis and Clark Community College for over two decades. The BSA’s mission is to reach out to their members and other LC students to help them achieve a successful college career. This clubs main priority is to also provide a safe outlet for students to talk, study, and ask questions.

One key aspect of the BSA is their immersed president, Anthony Brown, who has been grateful for his role in BSA.

“Being the leader of the BSA has given me an opportunity to test myself and evaluate what areas I need to improve in,” Says Brown. “My experience, as the president, is helping me to grow with my attitude, my approach, and my communication skills. All of my growth so far has been positive.”

Being the President of the BSA means a lot to Brown but when it comes to his future, it is only the beginning. Brown is not only helpful, but he is also very artistic. Brown has a niche to draw, being one of his more favorable hobbies. Brown is attending Lewis and Clark’s in pursuit of a associates degree in Arts. With an associate degree in Art, he knows his career choice variety is wide, leaving him uncertain of which career path he will take.  Anthony Brown, headstrong and ambitious, has fulfilling yet simple long term goals. He only hopes to live a comfortable and successful life.

After Brown has graduated from Lewis and Clark he has big plans that will open a new world for him and his art. Once Brown has received his associate’s degree he plans to expand his horizon and travel to places he has never seen before; such as Florida, California, or Texas. Through his journey, Brown intends to meet new people, explore many wonders, and discover breath-taking opportunities.

Not only is Brown the President of the Black Student Association, but he is also an overall very active student at Lewis and Clark. Brown is a part-time employee at the post office, an artist,  and a friendly familiar face to many students. Although Brown is a busy student, he doesn’t let that stop his involvement. When Brown has spare time, he makes an effort to support other clubs and organizations on campus. Brown makes sure to spread his encouragement and advice to everyone.

Though Brown efficiently handles affairs for the BSA, he is not a one-man band. Alongside Brown stands Jared Hennings. Mr. Hennings is not only a staff member at LCCC but also the BSA staff facilitator.  Mr. Hennings has been apart of the BSA crew for 20 years and standing. Not only does he provide Brown with seeing out his Ideas for the BSA, but he also helps to plan and organize meetings, volunteer opportunity, and help organize the events. Hennings is a great help to Brown and any student he encounters. To Anthony Brown and Jared Hennings, All student’s time efforts are highly appreciated.

The BSA holds meetings twice a month, each meeting carrying new and exciting content. Aside from their usual meetings, the BSA also hosts and participates in numerous student events. A few include Student Activities events, speed conversations, uno tournament, art shows, African drum performances, and so much more.

The BSA leader, Anthony Brown, welcomes all students onboard. “Our club accepts all. We have an open delegation, we do not turn anyone away.” To any student looking to join the Black Student Association, please contact Anthony Brown at

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