The Bridge to Gotham Leads to Success!



Photo by Jasmine Brown
Photo by Jasmine Brown
Darrick T. Earney
Associate Editor

Lewis and Clark Community College’s student newspaper, The Bridge, held the very first “Bridge to Gotham Bash” on Sept. 25 as a way to spread awareness of the Bridge and Batman Day.

The party was held in the Reid dining room area from 2 to 3:30p.m., and was hosted by The Bridge’s associate editor, Darick T. Earney, and advisor, Louise Jett.

Attendants were treated to free cookies shaped like Bat symbols, and a Batman themed Jeopardy game to put their Batman knowledge to the test in order to win prizes.

The winner of Batman Jeopardy was Quentin Sawyers, an L&C general studies student, was awarded with a copy of “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel.

“I honestly don’t read comics that much, but I’m looking forward to reading ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ for the first time,” Sawyers said. “It’s a much grittier Batman story that I hope to see adapted well once ‘Batman V. Superman’ is released in 2016.”

There was also a photo scavenger hunt that challenged students to solve five riddles for a chance to pick a comic book of their choice.

Some of these comics included trade paperback copies of “Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying”, and the popular 1989 comic mini series “Batman: A Death in the Family.”

This required students to walk throughout the campus, in teams or individually, and take photos of nearby objects on their smartphones in order to answer the riddles correctly. There were many participants for the scavenger hunt, and everyone walked away with a prize.

With all the Batman trivia learned in Jeopardy, and comics given away during the scavenger hunt, The Bridge wished everyone a happy Batman Day that Saturday, Sept. 26, with hope for another party in 2016.

“I am proud of the Bridge staff, and the way the party came together,” Bridge Advisor, Louise Jett said. “I was pleased with both the turnout and participation. I think everyone had a good time. I am hoping a fall party becomes a sort of tradition, at least long enough for us to have The Bridge to Gotham Bash Returns.”

For anyone interested in solving the Riddles, or learning more about the Bridge, continue to check out our website and like us on Facebook.

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