The Benefits of Welcoming a Positivity Transformation Takeover in Your Life 

By Alexandra Blockton 

Initially, someone taking the time to focus on positivity within their life can create a space filled with serenity, interest, like, love, and joy. It can be more than an individual being happy. Someone allowing positivity into their lives can aid them with transforming for the better in all areas of their life. In the book titled, “Positivity,” author Barbara L. Fredrickson who has a doctorate in Psychology says, “Positivity presents an opportunity to step up to the next level of existence: to broaden your mind and build your best future.” Concerning someone’s mindset, it can allow them to obtain a positive mindset. An individual can find skillful use in completing the many practices to improve by calculating their positivity levels. This book has two parts which include part one “The Good News About Positivity,” and part two “Raise Your Ratio.”    

In part one “The Good News About Positivity,” someone taking the initiative to live a flourishing lifestyle can consider practicing positivity. It can lead to someone flourishing in life. These types of people have a belief of purpose in life. They seem to commit acts of greatness to do something worthwhile every day in their lives. A person allows themselves to take the time to share greatness with others.   

In addition, pride, hope, serenity, joy, love, inspiration, and gratitude are forms of positivity. Someone having pride feels great about themselves. For example, a student could have just aced an exam or test after adding more hours to their schedule for studying. It is that wonderful feeling that someone receives! Frederickson says, “Pride blooms in the wake of an achievement you can take credit for.” There can be times when it seems as if things are not going well for a person. But when they learn to have hope it can help in knowing their situation can turn out better for them. Serenity involves someone willing to allow themselves to become more interested in life itself. For example, taking an awe walk filled with nature from outdoors. As well as an individual curling up with a wonderful book to read with a hot cup of coffee, tea, soda, or a nice cold bottled water whichever they would prefer while taking time to relax. A person can be open to being joyful about the smallest things in life such as receiving a surprise letter concerning their recognition of achievement, their dedication, and hard work. In contrast, someone having a sense of inspiration can positively enhance how they feel about themselves while having the desire to do better. When it comes to love it is felt from within the heart itself concerning an individual’s feelings. “You’re grateful for the joys your beloved brings into your life, as proud of their achievements as you are of your own, inspired by their good qualities,” says Frederickson.  

In part two “Raise Your Ratio,” someone can find completing the positivity self-test of interest by taking the time to complete it daily at the end of their day. The positivity self-test consists of someone computing their positivity ratio by reflecting on their emotions with negative and positive words consisting of calculating their ratio. Results from this self-test change daily and if someone stays consistent with using it. It can help them enhance their positivity levels as well as end negative emotions over time. Frederickson says, “So the more days you can average together to create your estimate, the more trustworthy that estimate becomes.”    

Lastly, someone taking the time to invite positivity into their life can help them release negativity from their thoughts and emotions. It can allow them to create a new space in their life involving their mindset, emotions, and well-being without worries. They can view themselves on the brighter side each day as time passes. Frederickson says, “No matter what you encounter, no matter what happens experiment with both awareness and acceptance.”   






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