The Art of a Greener Future

By Sierra Beckwith
Staff Writer
Photo by Athena Whitty Last year's second place winner in the Art of Recycling Contest.
Photo by Athena Whitty
Last year’s second place winner in the Art of Recycling Contest.

“We want to educate our students about our recycling program here on campus, and at the same time demonstrate how we can repurpose things for new uses,” Keener said.

In this year’s contest material possibilities include: plastic bottles, writing utensils, and any type of safely deconstructed electronic waste, or e-waste.

Submissions may be individual or group pieces but at least one member of a group submission has to be a Lewis and Clark student.

This contest is to promote creativity through recycling in the students, but there’s much more the director wants the students to take away from participating in the project.

It’s also to try and help students become mindful of the “throw away” society that we live in, and to encourage them to make better decisions with what they do with their old, excess, or unused materials.

“In this case, we’re trying to take what would otherwise be trash, and turn it into something pretty,” Keener said.

The pieces will be judged in four categories; Best Plastic Bottle Piece, Best Writing Utensil Piece, Best E-Waste Piece, and People’s Choice.

Judging will take place during Earth Week, April 21-25, here on the Godfrey campus. $50 gift cards will go to the winning piece from each category.

Last year’s winner was a 6-foot long dragonfly, a working cardboard clock, and a tree growing up and out of a recycling bin.

If you’re interested in participating, get your imaginations flowing now because submissions for this year’s Art of Recycling contest are only being accepted until April 14th, so there’s still time.

Contact Nate Keener at 618-468-2782 or by email at for any information or questions.


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