Ten Different Types of College Students

By Brooke Mason


No matter where you go you will definitely run into one of these types of students. Which type of student do you think you are? 

1. The Overachiever

They are always doing too much. They write a five-page paper when the assignment is two pages, max. Always asking about extra credit, they complain when they get below an A. They study way too much for tests. They work on different class work in the middle of class. You often see them in the library. 

2. The Excessive Note Taker

Always writing/typing as fast as they possibly can. They miss the important stuff because they are trying to write EVERYTHING down. If there is ever an open note test, they are the one loudly flipping through pages and pages of notes. They often say, “Well, you should’ve taken notes.” 

3. The Good Test Taker

This person will never study for a test but somehow always passes. You know the type, they come into class, you ask them if they’re nervous about the test and they say, “Yeah, I didn’t even study for it.” Then they score a 99%. *eyeroll* 

4. The Phantom

That one person who never shows up but somehow still passes the class. They only show up for the first day, midterm and final. They’re gone so much you start to think they dropped the class. Then you see them in the next class and wonder how they even got there. 

5. The Procrastinator 

They stay up all night writing a paper that’s due the next day when they knew about it two weeks ago. They will literally wait for the last second to start anything. Any project, assignment, paper, anything at all, it will be done at the last minute. Then they turn it in with a sigh and hope for the best. Despite this being a reoccurring thing, they never change.

6. The Distracted One

This person never pays attention in class. They’re always on their phone or doing something other than listening. When they’re asked to pay attention they sigh really loud.  My friend, this is not high school, you are paying to be here and you’re just not going to pay attention? 

7. The Muncher

This person always brings food to class. They always have something with them. It’s a full meal from McDonald’s one day, and then it’s a bunch of snacks they pull out of their pocket to eat during class the next day. Either way, they always have something to eat. 

8. The Late Arrival

This person is always late. It never fails, this person is either a minute late or 30 minutes late, every day. They try to come in unnoticed, but everyone is distracted the minute they walk in. 

9. The Early Bird

This person arrives at class at least 30 minutes early, waiting outside the classroom door for the instructor. You will always walk into class, and they will already be in their seat, ready to go. 

10. The Wallflower 

This person will make sure to come to class earlier than everyone else to ensure they get a seat in the back. They never make eye contact or speak a word to anyone. You almost forget they’re back there sometimes until the instructor calls on them. 




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