Taste the World With Pizza World!



Photo provided by: pizzaworldonline.com
Photo provided by: pizzaworldonline.com
Matt Monroe

Since opening, Pizza World has been one of the hottest spots for students to hang out and eat affordable, delicious food. It also provides great pizza to the rest of the members of the community for a great price.

The new Pizza World location was opened in January 2014 by Dave and Denise Stafford. After visiting a Pizza World in Branson, MO, the couple was inspired to start one of their own and rolled through the process to get one out in front of Lewis and Clark Community College.

On operating Pizza World, Mr. Stafford has said it’s a challenge, but it’s been more than worth it, as he has a lot of competition to deal with, but he’s dealt with it in confidence and stride, saying that, “We have a much better product, taste and value wise.”

Despite the name, Pizza World is more than just regular pizza, as they have gourmet pizza, wings, subs, and salads. Additionally, they also have a lunch buffet.

Also, students can bring their student ID to the restaurant to get 10% off on everything besides the $5 carryout option.

To learn more about Pizza World, visit their website at www.pizzaworldonline.com/ where you can see their menu online, find out about deals, find locations, and order online.


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