Takes One to Know One!

Anna Summers


Have you ever had someone call you a bad name, or insulted you in a certain way, knowing that they’re no better than you? It mostly happens when you are in your late teens to early adulthood.

For instance, say that someone that does not like you tells other people that you’re doing something that you actually have no interest in doing, and it spreads throughout the grapevine around town. Soon people will begin to believe that you’re something you’re not.

Although, people usually say things about you because they can’t really admit what they are as well, calling you something when you are not can still absolutely affect you. They just want to push you to your lowest in this cruel world. Sometimes, people who are going through something feel that they have to attack someone else to feel a little better about their own issues.

They will also continue their bad behavior after you call them out on it. Then the problem becomes worse. Sometimes you need to make them see that they’re hiding a problem from their personal life. Let me tell you a story.

When I was a sophomore in high school, a girl and I were very close friends, until she called me a very rude name that was unnecessary. In reality, I wasn’t doing anything that she accused me of. In fact, I, along with others, happened to know for a fact that she was the one going around doing the things she was trying to accuse me of.

A few months passed and she admitted that she was spreading lies about everyone, and tried to apologize. I knew she was going through a lot and considered letting it go until I found out she was still continuing her lies and more.

Sometimes, people will not admit to what they do to people at school, on social media, or even at home. That doesn’t mean that people won’t eventually find out about what they do there. So don’t take it personally when someone calls you something, or starts rumors about you because you never know, they might be projecting their own issues and insecurities onto you, then try to make you out to be the bad person, but they can’t seem to admit it to themselves that they’re the one with a problem.

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