Students Experiment With Wax Hands and Airbrush Tattoos!

Ashtyn Britt


Jan. 23 of this year gave Lewis and Clark Community College students the chance to enjoy making wax hands and getting temporary airbrush tattoos for free to express themselves to the rest of the student body. A face and body artist performed the airbrush tattoos, providing many students with various images such as hearts, elephants, roses, dragons, and many more as well as also expanding on them and even adding body glitter to give the designs an extra flare for the students who asked for it. The airbrush tattoo artist also let the students decide what colors they wanted for their design, as well as what location on their body where they wanted the airbrush tattoo to be.

The wax hands artists provided a station where students were instructed to place their arm in ice-cold water and wait for 30 seconds before being instructed to make the hand shape they wanted and to then dip their hands in the wax to form around their hand and wrist, providing them the ability to have a wax hand always holding the shape. While many did, in fact, brave the challenge and walked away with a wax hand, there were a few who found either the cold or the heat to be too unbearable and only participated in the airbrush tattoos instead.

There was a very positive turnout from the student body during the hours where the wax hand artists and the airbrush tattoo artist were present, many people even happily convincing their friends to participate as well or coming back again later on to do more. This is not the first time either wax hands or airbrush tattoos have been offered to students and proved to once again provide a positive reaction from the participants, who were grateful to enjoy a nice break between classes. With any luck, this will continue to be a tradition for future semesters to come or students to happily enjoy.

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