Student Government Fights for More Grants




by Amanda Roberts
Staff Writer

Every year Illinois sets aside money available for college students applying for financial aid. MAP grants are among the financial aid awarded based on financial need and aren’t required to be paid back by the student receiving them.

Currently the majority of MAP grants are awarded to students who are not attending community college even though the majority of students enrolled in higher education in Illinois attend a community college.

“The number of students that go to a community college is 60%, but less than 15% of grants go to community colleges,” said Stevie Goesman, Vice President of SGA.

On April 2, 2014, Goesman attended Student Advocacy Day, where she meet with local legislators.

Goesman presented a petition to add an additional grants or increase grants for students. This petition, if passed, will increase grants for around $65 million.

Should the state deny the increase to $65 million, the SGA will continue to petition for a smaller increase in hopes to make more funds available to community colleges.

“I believe that the Illinois senate wants to support the MAP grant,” Financial Aid Director, Angela Weaver said.

As the years have gone by, the date of which the students have to apply in order to get map grants come closer to the beginning of the year. This year, for example one must have filed their FASFA by the end of Feb. in order to be eligible for MAP grants.

Although the date for eligibility for MAP grant has passed, one can still apply for Federal grants. For more information on the grants increase or what, as fellow student, can be done to help with increase contact Stevie Goesman at

For information on grants, student loans, or scholarships contact Angela Weaver at


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