Student Activities Cut Short Due To Covid-19

By Jenna Shelton

Student activities are exactly what they sound like: activities and events for Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C) students that are free. Usually, there is a chance to win money or gift cards to local businesses, and there is almost always free food or beverages. From free fruit the first week of each month to holiday parties and ice cream socials, L&C tries their best to offer free and exciting events to busy students who may not get a chance otherwise to relax and have fun. It is very similar to student councils that were in most junior and senior high schools, but with more freedom and no candy bar selling.

Last August, I took on the role of Student Activities President for the school year. My job consisted of making sure students were aware of events by posting flyers and updating dry erase boards all over campus, along with the planning and execution of these events. We have offered fun days like Fall Fest, the Glow Party and Club Day, along with many other unforgettable moments throughout the last couple semesters. A lot of these events are planned in advance and the particulars, like what food to serve or what games or decorations we will play or use, come down to the members of Student Activities.

I personally love planning stuff like this. Maybe it is the mom in me, but I like trying to make sure that everyone feels welcome and involved. For example, the College for Life students helped make sure that Reid Cafe was decorated for the Christmas party by helping Student Activities members make paper chains to hang up.

Student Activities had a swim party, a May the Fourth Day—a screening of a Star Wars movie on May the fourth, bingo, a bowling competition, a stand-up comedy day, Spring Fest and the end of the semester party that had a Roaring’ 20s theme scheduled along with other special free events for the remainder of this semester that have—as of this moment— been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While I am disappointed to be finishing my term as President this way, I completely understand and appreciate the way L&C is handling these hard times. They are doing their very best to stand by their students, staff and faculty in events that took a precedence over the normal day-to-day operations. I will remain hopeful that we can get on with our normal lives and schedules as soon as it is safe to do so. Until then, I will look forward to the fall semester and all the great fun Student Activities will be planning! For more information about Student Activities, please contact Jared Hennings at

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