Stress Management: Counter Stimulation

By Jenna Shelton


Sometimes when we are in pain or are too stressed it becomes difficult to think about anything else or to try doing anything other than focus on the pain that is bothering us. In these situations it is very important to find ways to distract yourself from the pain or the perception of the pain by putting your focus on literally anything other than the pain. One way that can be accomplished is by sending another loud physical signal to the brain using our five senses, this is called counter stimulation. 

Listed below are different ways to send the brain a distracting signal to take the focus off of the painful stimuli, using each of the five senses.

These were just a few examples of some natural ways to take your mind off of pain and stress in what is a process called counter stimulation by using your five senses. If you have ongoing issues with pain and/or stress, it is always important to discuss that with your physician. 

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