“Stay-Tru” By UndaDaugz 

Alexandra Blockton


Corrin Blockton, also known as C-Blok, started making music when he was just 12 years old when his mother had given him a keyboard, and from that point on, he has always had a passion for making music. Corrin also succeeds in making beats, editing sound tracks and writing songs, as well as producing music. Needless to say, he has become very talented within his music career.

UndaDaugz is a duo which in addition to Corrin, includes his cousin Benjamin Morrow, also known as B-Mo. They are both local music artists from the Venice, Madison and Washington Park, Illinois area, and offer all varieties of music. 

Certainly, I really like the fact that UndaDaugz do not categorize themselves with a music label. Their main focus is being positive entertainers for everyone who listens to their music.

“We bring messages in our music that people can relate to,” said Corrin Blockton.

My favorite song is “Stay-Tru” because it reminds me of how individuals are always judging someone else, and it is best to stay away from people who are not genuine human beings. 

“People are going to judge whatever you do // so be real with yourself and watch what they say,” are some lyrics from “Stay-Tru.” This definitely caught my attention as I was listening to this song! Due to so many people being worried about others, judging people and gossiping instead of minding their own business. Also, the beat to this song is amazing!

Overall, this is not the type of song to listen to if you are looking to hear some hardcore, fast music to dance to; it is the type of song that makes you think about what you are going through in your own personal life and nod your head while listening to it. This song will bring you a sense of relaxation when you seem to have a lot on your mind.

Finally, if you would like to listen to some of the UndaDaugz music, please email block481970@gmail.com or you can search for C-Blok or Undadaugz on Soundcloud. There’s also other awesome songs listed on Soundcloud, where you can hear for yourself!

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