Spring Fest

OJ Fair

Staff Writer

The theme for this year’s Spring Fest is “Movies.” A costume contest will be held, with cash prizes awarded to the winners. The contest rule is that costumes must relate to movies; anime and video games that have been turned into movies also count. Reference images for judging upon signing up is recommended. There will be other activities going on at Spring Fest as well, such as ring toss and tug of war instead of giant inflatables. Of course, there will still be free food, drinks, and handouts from all the clubs and organizations at school. Additionally, there will be a survey for students to participate in at the student activities table asking about the possibility of an “End of the Semester Dance”. If the weather is nice, Spring Fest 2012 will be held outside by the crossroads of main campus and the Math and Science buildings. If the weather turns bad, the event will be moved to the Riverbend Arena.

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