SOUNDWAVES: Music To Listen To While You Are Snowed-In Your House

Fret not readers; there may be snow trapping you in the house, but boredom shall not take over. Compiled below is a list of new and old music gems that your ears may not have yet enjoyed. Take some time away from the frozen tundra just outside your window, sit down, plug in your favorite headphones, and take a listen to these beautiful tunes.

Bombay Bicycle Club– Dust on the Ground

Here’s a beautiful song to get you in the mood for spring. Let the simple acoustics and vocals take you away to a much warmer place- far from the winter winds outside.

Someone Still Loves You Borris Yeltsin- Back In The Saddle

An upbeat song from a local Missouri band. The song’s title seems to be borrowed from the Aerosmith song, but don’t expect a similar sound between the bands. SSLYBY makes bouncy indie-pop with catchy guitars and melodic vocals that will leave you smiling. Don’t forget to catch them at the Firebird on Feb. 8 when they come to town with Tokyo Police Club.

Lissie- Everywhere I Go

With a soulfully tenacious voice, Lissie has a musical presence that is hard to ignore. Plus, she has an elephant following her around in the video and that is pretty darn cool.

Also, Check out her cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happyness” here.

The Decemberists- This Is Why We Fight

With the release of their sixth and finest album to date, The King is Dead, The Decemberists have crafted a folky “barn album.” The King is Dead is an easy contender for album of the year and will lend itself perfectly to multiple listens under the summer sun.

Ra Ra Riot- Boy

With a rhytmic, rolling bass and backing string section, Syracuse’s Ra Ra Riot burst back onto the music scene with their first track off their sophomore album The Orchard.

The Thermals- I Don’t Believe You

With slight punk tendencies, The Thermals pack fast guitar riffs and punchy melodies into each of their songs. But watch out: they will hide in your shed…..

Two Door Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn

Try listening to Two Door Cinema Club and not dance or, in my wallflower case, wiggle. I double dare you.

Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues

Finally, the band behind the brilliant self-titled album returns with the first single Helplessness Blues, the title track off of the album of the same name. Helplessness Blues drops May 3 on SubPop Records.

White Lies- Biger Than Us

British rock with a sound big enough to blow down a brick house, White Lies returns with the first single off their sophomore album Rituals. Watch the video below and let us know your interpretation. It leaves me wanting a giant MilkyWay bar….

Foals- This Orient

Foals blends mellow vocals with upbeat instrumentation, which makes for some quite fun British indie-pop. Check out their latest track off of their newest album Total Life Forever.

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3 thoughts on “SOUNDWAVES: Music To Listen To While You Are Snowed-In Your House

  1. I keep coming back to this and watching all these videos over and over and there’s not even snow anymore! That SSLYBY cover is making me wish I went to that concert. Next time you shouldn’t give me a choice!

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the music! I need to make a similar post. Maybe one for the recent spring weather. You will definitely have to go see SSLYBY next time they come to town. I’m just going to have to drag you along, I suppose. Also, I definitely recommend coming to the Foals, Freelance Whales, The Naked and Famous show in April. Should be yet another amazing concert!


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