Sociology Professor Meets Call for On-Campus Food Donations

Madeline Runyon


Jen Cline has been a Sociology professor at Lewis and Clark Community College for seven years. In this time, she has taught many classes and challenged the way which students have approached different social issues.

“I chose to teach because of my English teacher professor in college,” Cline says, “He fostered an appreciation for literature, the humanities, and truly cared about each one of his students.”

The same can be said of Cline, as she attempts to give students a successful college experience, whether that be through her accessibility and conversations shared with her students or from her unique grading system. Cline bases the student’s grades off of how they personally felt they have done after a series of self-examination as well as through presenting a portfolio for examination.

“I love the way she teaches and I know she cares about us and what is going on in the world. Being in school is hard and having a person like Jen who is there for us is very comforting,” says first-year student, Gabriella Hall.

As well as holding a successful teaching career, Cline has gone above and beyond through her work at LC. She is also responsible for working alongside Dean Jill lane in creating Honors college and carrying the program through to its second year.

Cline is also responsible for the showing of a documentary called “A Place at the Table” on November 14 at 1:30 in Trimpe ATC. There will be free pizza for all who attend.

The purpose of the documentary is to raise awareness about poverty and its effect on students here at campus. Following the documentary, Cline and her students will be accepting food donations for the college food pantry.

Some students may recall being asked to fill out an anonymous survey last semester on food insecurity and the consequences of it on campus. Out of 1,515 students who filled out the survey, 249, (16%) admitted to having food shortage problems while attending LC, according to survey results as provided by Alice Bunjan.

This is just another example of Cline using all her resources to attempt to better LC college.

Cline is an excellent teacher and a great recommendation for anyone deciding on a social class. She is a must have a professor who will truly shape the way you view others as well as social problems in our world.

Lastly, Cline says, “Jump in head first to college. Jump into ideas that vary from yours. Learn as much as you possibly can. Travel. Go to new places. Eat new foods. Talk to someone that you are not sure that you will like. Lose your fear and open your hearts.”

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