Skyline: Don’t look up


By Francesco Turso

Lately there have been many “Disaster” movies, however this one is a little different. After a night of partying, a group of friends wake up to strange lights coming down from the sky. Whenever someone looks at these lights, they at first fall into a trance and then get sucked into them. Soon everyone realizes that strange ships have come down and aliens, very reminiscent of the Sentinels from the Matrix franchise, are taking everyone hostage.

With special effects similar to Independence Day, this movie captures your attention. The fluid movement of the aliens really gives them an organic look. The spaceships look very different from your run of the mill alien flick; much more like an menagerie of scrap metal forming a bulky shape than a well engineered sleek machine. All this blends very well with the background allowing for great suspension of disbelief.

Alas, all that is well does not end well! Much like the last two Matrix movies, this movie captures your senses and inspires the imagination, but just leaves you hanging. The concept is great, however the execution is flawed. Skyline has great moments and beautiful imagery but one cannot help but feel like something is just missing; almost as if the movie is too short.

Skyline is a good movie, however it feels more like a “Part 1” than a movie that can stand on its own. The movie gets really interesting towards the end, but just ends abruptly. It seems that the latest attempt to fill theater seats is to only tell half the story, in the hopes those same people would come back to see the conclusion. This fatal flaw leaves the audience feeling more cheated than interested in a sequel.

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