SGA Hygiene Project Working to Help Students

Ashtyn Britt


The Lewis and Clark Community College Student Government Association has started a new project in order to obtain and distribute various common hygiene products to be made available to students for free. The executives set up various large white boxes all over Lewis and Clark Community College’s main campus, paired with multiple flyers both attached to the box and hanging on boards throughout the buildings. The hygiene drive intends to collect a large supply of the various products in order to distribute them alongside the food held within the snack pantries. This would make the various products available to all of the students using their ID in the same way they would collect a snack from the pantry.

The hygiene products that would be deemed acceptable by the Student Government Association include any menstrual products, condoms, hair products, soap, deodorant, detergent, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toilet paper, all that are of use before the product’s expressed expiration date. The products must also be sealed in their original packaging in order to be donated, or else will be disposed of. The drive will be continuous to the end of the semester with plans to renew each semester to come in the future.

The boxes around campus are located outside all campus Snack Pantries, outside of the Bridge Office, outside of Reid Library, outside of Diane McDonough’s office, inside the main doors of the Haskell building, outside of the Enrollment office, on the second floor of the Trimpe building, as well as outside of the Student Services Hub. For more information, please contact Dr. Hill at, Student Government Association President Ashtyn Britt at, Student Activities President Jenna Shelton at, Student Government Association Secretary Hannah Hook, or Student Government Association Treasurer Milli Carter at

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