Sex Education Review

Haley Ruyle


The new Netflix original series “Sex Education” has everyone going bananas. It’s an inappropriate but educational show that makes everyone want to keep watch but look away at the same time.

Sex Education is about a teenage boy in high school whose mother is a sex therapist. His friends decide to persuade him to advise other teenagers who are having problems with their sex lives. Crazy, right? Who would want to  talk to a random teenager about their sex life and ask for sex advice?

Watching the first season I began to realize that sex education is important, but learning about it through a tv show is not a good way to learn. It is very awkward, uncomfortable and who knows if there’s any real truth to it.

I believe that this show is trying to make a statement that sex with another person is something to be really cautious about because, people can get STDs, STIs, mentally and physically hurt if they don’t take precautions with the right person. I believe that is the message they are trying to send.

I know that this show is for a mature audience, but i think that this is a good show for teenagers who are coming of age, doing sexual things, trying  figure out who they are and want they want.

I think “Sex Education” is great and I honestly can’t wait for season two, I think this show will go out with a bang!

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