Saying No to Staying

Anna Summers


Have you ever had a person that was toxic to you, but you still wanted them in your life because you were used to their presence? Although you may have liked this person a lot, or maybe even loved this person, you know they were bad for you?

Let me tell you a little story that I had to go through. I had a person who was super toxic to me and my mental health. They put me through different and extreme obstacles in my life, and through multiple experiences of trauma. I wanted that person to stick around for a while because I believed that maybe they could change and fix everything they’d done. A few years passed, but the cycle still continued. Instead of this person getting better, I became worse.

It affected me to the point where I did not want to trust again. I began to become distant and left everyone who cared about me. After a while, I finally left this toxic person. Later, the person came back around and asked for forgiveness, of course, I believed the person changed for the better, but I thought wrong. They told me that they wanted to make it up to me, I let it happen, turns out I was getting blamed for different things that happened between us. They wanted me to get back with them right after I was being blamed.

I denied their request and left, and became a better person after. For anyone who has a toxic person in their life, or who may try to re-enter their life, say no! if you have someone in your life that is toxic and makes you feel like complete crap, don’t fall for it! Say no to that person and show them that you can do anything without them and that you are better off without them as well. Show them you’re the only one who is going to control your decision and your life.

Some people shouldn’t be in your life for a reason. Simply say no, and move on. I know that can be hard, but it is for the best sometimes. Say no to bad people, so you can let the good ones come in.

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