Robin Hood

Haley Ruyle

Robin of Locksley, a lord, a knight, and a thief. One might ask, why would such a man with such wealth be stealing. The bigger question is: why was he never keeping the stolen goods for himself?

The 2018 Robin Hood remake was one of the best Robin Hood movies yet. Based on the old English tale of a man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, a man with such high fidelity. After losing his love to another man, committing treason, and coming home to nothing, his enemy befriends and helps him on a journey to seek out justice for the poor who have lost everything because of raised taxes all because the evil Sheriff of Nottingham just wants the city’s money for himself.

The movie was an absolute hit with everything from action, adventure, romance, and a huge major plot twist. This story of Robin Hood is like no other. I truly believe that this movie is a must see and one that everyone will enjoy.

Many viewers of the new Robin Hood other than myself, had an opinion on this amazing movie:

“ I thought Jamie Foxx as Little John, was really good” – Anthony Brown Jr

“ Eve Hewson, as Marian, was really pretty compared to the other actresses” – CJ Moore

“ There was a major plot twist in the end that I didn’t see coming that blew my mind” – Mario Trez

“ I thought Taron Egerton who played Robin Hood, was really hot!”- Judy Daugherty

“ I thought Robin Hood was so suspenseful and thrilling” said Madison Cole. “It had a lot of good plot twists.”

So, if you ever have a day off and you’re just relaxing or just chilling with some friends and feel like you want to watch a good action movie, maybe you should think about watching Robin Hood.

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