Rango Review


By Josie Harpole

Staff Writer

Rango is an animated film that features the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, and Bill Nighy. The storyline follows the life of a pet lizard, Rango, who is thrown from a vehicle and his tank and life he is accustomed to, into the whole new world of a desert.  He starts a quest for water and meets another lizard named Beans. Beans shows him to her hometown, an old Western town named “Dirt.”

Dirt is running low on water. The town’s water reserves are kept in a water cooler inside the town bank and are running extremely low. Rango is eventually appointed town sheriff of Dirt and must help bring the water back to the people of the town.

The story follows Rango’s search for identity. Rango spent the time in his tank performing as an actor with props within the tank. When he travels to Dirt he creates the identity of Rango, a tough outlaw. The people of Dirt are impressed with his stories and count on him to help the town flourish with water, like it once did. He is forced to become the hero he has created.

The movie was well done and entertaining. It was full of laughs and even a quick reference to another Johnny Depp film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas if you keep your eyes peeled during the toward the beginning.  Overall it was enjoyable and well worth the trip to go see.

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