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Photo: Tommy Peterson

Megan Brummet

 Staff Writer

The last day for the monthly event “Pizza and Poetry” for this semester was on Monday, Oct. 28.  It entailed quite a few things, actually. First, of course, it entailed pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza?


“Pizza is what is used to draw students to the event. Students like free things!” said Jared Hennings, the Student Activities Advisor. “It also includes poetry, usually done by spoken word artists.”


Spoken word artists are professionals involved in reciting poetry. Their versions are similar to rap music because of their own rhythm. In a nutshell, it is a beat without music.


“It’s a more upbeat form of reciting poetry. It’s not your parents or grandparents form of poetry,” said Henning.


The event ran for about an hour. First the spoken word artist performed, and then any student who was willing to get up in front of everyone else and sing or recite poetry were allowed to do so. Sometimes, the music students also come in to play at these events.


“It’s a good way to show the talent of students on this campus,” said Henning.


When it’s nice outside, it’s held by the fountain outside the Reid Café. If it’s colder outside like this time of year, for example, it will be in the Underground Connection, also near the Reid Café.


Student Activities has kept this event going because students really seem to enjoy them. The students have the opportunity to possibly learn something from someone new.


From the artist, any student can learn from being told a story about life, a view on society, relationships, love, race or just anything the person speaking can think of. The person that performed this month is a girl who goes by the stage name Kels. The musician that was with her is Joel Eliot.


Eliot, a singer songwriter who plays guitar, is from the local area. Henning likes to bring in any professional musician from the St. Louis area to the L&C campus.


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