Peace Guru: Mastering Your Inner Peace.

Taylor Hudson


Right now, at this moment, you are younger than you will ever be again! As days pass and time flies faster, often times people easily lose sight of what is right in front of them. They become unmotivated, dreary, lazy, and forgetful. They find themselves settling for a life that does not fulfill their desires or potential. They decide to live everyday remorsefully, wandering on in a life they wish to change. Understand that does not have to be you. Become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Make the change. for yourself!

This may seem simple to some, while tedious to others, but with great determination mastering the peace of your life is not far out of reach. There are only a  few steps, and I am not promising these steps to be easy but I guarantee that each bit of effort and each step you take will be worth it.

The first step of becoming your own peace master is self-motivation. No matter the circumstance, you should always be your number one cheerleader. Even when things seem nearly impossible, remind yourself: I can, I will, I am. Sending yourself positive motivational messages will make you stronger and can help you to realize you that can achieve anything. You can achieve anything you can dream with hard work and dedication

The second step is dedication. Be dedicated in everything you do, no matter how big or small the obstacle is. Look at each step you make as a milestone in your life,  because each step you makes leads to a bigger picture and a better you. Not only should you dedicate efforts toward the outskirts of your life, but also dedicate effort to taking care of yourself; Spiritually, mentally, and physically.

This leads to the third step: There are endless ways to appreciate yourself, but this step suggests expressing self-love through meditation. There is no better moment then taking time out of your day to just breathe and relax. Meditation is not only beneficial for taking time to think or pray but also the perfect way to maintain the balance within your body, mind, and spirit. Meditation helps you to gain an in-depth connection with yourself. Through the practice of meditation, you will become more focused, persistent, ambitious, and more importantly peaceful.

Inner peace makes for a happy person; a happy person will manifest a happy life.

The final step to becoming your own peace guru is self-discipline. Self-discipline is listed last intentionally. This is done because in order to maintain the act of self-discipline you must have self-motivation, true dedication, and a sense of inner peace. Out of each of the steps provided to you, self-discipline will be the most difficult. To practice self-discipline, I suggest that you organize daily routines and stick to them. Exercise regularly, restrict yourself from materialistic items, or anything that you have trouble resisting. Together motivation, dedication, self-love, and self-discipline will help you stay strong. Each of these steps will push you to greatness.

From prior knowledge you already had and the information given to you today, you can conquer all. Learning to completely control yourself will take discipline, responsibility, self-love and plenty of patience. Becoming your own guru is a trial and error process; it will take your time. If you fail during your first attempt to become your own peace master, then start over and try again! As long as you do not quit, every single attempt you make counts! Every single attempt puts you closer to being a better you!

Once you believe you have fully awakened your own guru master of your peace, take this knowledge and pass it on. Help a family member, friend, or anyone you know conquer their inner peace.

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