Paper in Print!!!

Paper in Print!!!
By: Isabelle Flener 


Lewis and Clark’s student newspaper, The Bridge, is making a return to print, with local newsstands expected to stock it from late February.

The Bridge advisor is Louise Jett, who oversees the contributions of numerous students, including writers, photographers, graphic designers, and editors, among others. There is a niche for any person who loves creating.

The newspaper is unique in that Lewis and Clark has a no-solicitation policy, meaning that no outside advertising is sold to anyone. Therefore, The Bridge is the only entity that can sell advertisements as part of its print product. 

“I am extremely excited to print because it will allow us to sell more advertising; it is extremely hard to sell advertising on a website. When we have print products, it is easier to sell advertising because that print newspaper is going to go into every mailbox on Lewis and Clark’s campus,” says Louise Jett. The newspapers will be delivered to campus mailboxes and other newsstands around campus.  

“A lot of things will go into print, we will all work together to deliver to different newsstands, and throughout the campus. Having print will also open our audience, the students’ work will be more prolific because more people will see it,” Jett states.

“Not only is using print an excellent learning tool, but it is additionally a great incentive. Students will work harder, as it is limited. Only the best of the best will make it in the print edition. Although everything will be uploaded to the website, as well as a lot on social media, it can raise the bar and make sure everyone is creating their best work,” says Jett.  

“The satisfaction of seeing the work in print is my favorite part. It is so exciting to get an actual print product. Publishing on the website is one thing, but now the graphic designers are able to learn to design for print and the web. It is also awesome for the creators to be able to hold it, see your name in print, see your photos in print,” shares Jett. “The Bridge staff are grateful to Dr. Ken Trzaska, College President, and to the Lewis and Clark Community College Foundation for underwriting the cost of printing for the spring 2023 semester. This investment in The Bridge will generate a return far exceeding the cost.”

Not only is Jett excited, but so are the students and creators.

“Having print is a level of volatility and we are producing real work for a purpose,” states photographer for The Bridge, James Pepper.

“The paper being in print means a lot to me because you can show your work to more people. It is harder to convince people to go to the website and send the links. Not everyone will see everything on social media because of the way the algorithm is. When you can just hand someone the paper and they can see, that thrills me,” says photographer, graphic designer, and associate editor, Jeannette Carrington.

“I am a person who likes saving things, so I appreciate that aspect of having print too. I can look back on it,” Carrington.

The return to print is a momentous occasion for the student creators, many of whom have never seen their work in print before.

“I have never seen my work in print. I only recently became a photographer last year. I am really excited to see my photography work in actual print. It is going to be so cool and surreal,” shares Pepper.

“I have seen my photography in print and some of my composites and graphic designs, especially at the school art fair and an art show. But I have not seen my work in a newspaper. It is a little nerve-racking, but we have workshopped things, and it has been edited enough that it is not going to be that bad once people read it. Whenever you see your work in public for the first time, it is nerve-racking. Although it will be exciting after that,” says Carrington.  

Students can grab a copy from one of the newspaper-stands scattered throughout campus or from the newspaper stand in front of the Bridge main office, located in Caldwell 1315.  

Please contact Louise Jett at for more information.  

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