“Oh, Boy!”

Haley Ruyle


One of my favorite Netflix chillers is called “The Boy.”

The Boy is a mind puzzling horror movie that makes you jump and keeps you up all night. If you like any of the Annabelle movies then I am sure that you will love this movie.

I have to say I love to seek out horror movies, it may not be good as Sinister but it sure makes any gory movie look good. The plot was amazing, and I couldn’t have set the scene better myself, with a creepy guy and happy ending how could it not be a good story!

An American woman named Greta Evans is running away from an abusive relationship hoping to find some fresh air in England. She finds a job as a nanny for a wealthy family known as the Heelshires, but little did she know walking into this job that she would be taking care of a doll named Brahms.

Though Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire said they would pay very well and would only be gone for a few short months, but they never return.

As she takes care of this doll she notices strange things when she doesn’t follow the doll’s rules; the doll starts moving on its own, the house lights going on and off, the doors opening and closing, her things being moved, etc. As time goes on she realizes that it’s not the doll that is doing all these horrors but a man inside the wall that was believed to be a dead little boy, it was said that the strange young boy and another little girl died in a fire many years ago.

As the storyline goes on you soon realize that the parents of the real Brahms; cover up the tragedy of young boy’s death, his parents kept him hidden in the walls so no one could see his terrifying face and so that no one could be hurt by their strange boy. When Greta realizes that this strange man is living in the walls, she tries to escape with her life.

The Boy is a good movie for a scary movie night, I highly suggest watching it on a dark night, cuddled in blankets, and eating popcorn with your friends. Don’t be afraid unless you’re scared of your own doll, and remember always check your house for any strange people living in your walls.

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