“Not Quite Over You” By Susan Mallery

Alexandra Blockton


If you are into love stories that display the kind of love that starts when a couple are just teenagers, then you will definitely enjoy reading this book. Silver and Drew were both just teenagers when Silver found out she was pregnant with their baby girl. Certainly, she was confused and did not know what she wanted to do in regard to her pregnancy, but one thing for sure, she had to inform Drew.

Drew had just graduated high school and was off to college. He comes from a very rich family who owns a bank, and education tends to be a number one priority in their lives. Of course, he was madly in love with Silver, but she insisted on breaking up their relationship right before he went off to college. 

Initially, a few weeks had passed by from her first finding out about her pregnancy, and it was time for her to tell Drew. One day, she traveled to his college campus to inform him of her being pregnant. He was so confused and felt like he needed to marry Silver due to the pregnancy. Well, Silver did not want to be his wife. In fact, she thought it would just be better for him to sign paperwork to give their baby up for adoption after birth.

I think it was very selfish of both of them for wanting to give their baby up for adoption after birth. Personally, I could not carry a baby inside my stomach for nine months and afterward, just let my baby go live with complete strangers. My feelings would be hurt terribly, and I would feel as if I would be letting my baby down as being her mother.

Certainly, adoption is far better than abortion. But when two teens are being sexually active with no birth control or protection, literally, what should they think the outcome will be? Of course, Drew agreed to sign the paperwork for adoption. Once their baby girl was born, Silver finished up the adoption process with the adopting parents. Leigh was the adoptive mother. She and her husband named their new baby girl Autumn. They were so excited to have her as their daughter because they couldn’t have children.

Furthermore, numerous years passed by and Silver had always kept in touch with Leigh and Autumn. At one point, she even lived with them toward the end of her pregnancy and after she had given birth to Autumn. It was very nice of Leigh for letting Silver come live with her and care for her. This reminded me of when I was pregnant and went to stay with my aunt for the summer. 

Silver never had any contact with Drew about Autumn.

If I was living with my child’s adoptive family, no matter what the situation is, I would let my child’s father at least know something about his daughter, whether we were together or not! Overall, I just think Silver and Drew were very young and confused, as well as not knowing anything about raising a child.

Throughout the years time passed, and Silver became a business owner and Drew worked at a bank his grandfather owned. One day, she was walking out the bank Drew worked at from trying to receive a loan for her business. Unfortunately, she was denied. Drew approached her as she was walking out of the bank sadly, and when Silver finally noticed him, Drew was able to stop her and speak with her. He was so excited to see her face after all of these years had passed.

In conclusion, Drew was still in love with Silver. He ended up investing large sums of money into her business and became her business partner while he still worked at the bank. Personally, I would have never invested money into someone based off of love, let alone someone who I had not seen in a very long time, because how would I know they still love me as much as I love them?

To conclude, this is a marvelous book to read! But while you are reading, just make sure to have lots of patience for the characters and what happens throughout the book.

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