Nintendo Direct

By Dalton Comporato

On Feb.9, Nintendo presented a live direct with many fans around the world to view the live broadcast to show their upcoming games later this year, with some big names.


Kirby’s next upcoming game, “Kirby and the Forgotten Land,” will be great for fans all around the world that enjoy Kirby and his adventures, with his all new ability “Mouthful Mod.” He is able to swallow giant objects to gain new powers as he goes and save the Waddle Dees in a new mysterious world. Get ready for Kirby’s next adventure around Spring 2022.


The sequel to the game, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” was just confirmed. Zelda and Link with shots of footage of the same world as “Breath of the Wild.” As the trailer shows, Zelda and Link’s adventure might be mostly underground. As the Next “Legend of Zelda” game is confirmed, Nintendo has never released the game’s name for the Nintendo Direct for the public, not even during E3 2021 as it’s first look. Nintendo is aiming for a release date around 2022, with no exact release date.


All Nintendo fans from all around can finally enjoy “MLB the Show” for the Switch. As the trailer confirms that “MLB the Show 22” is cross-compatible with other platforms, with “MLB the Show 22,” to enjoy with friends wherever you are and play online.


Nintendo is adding another addition to Wii Sports. Look out, here comes Nintendo Switch Sports. With three new sports to play, Badminton, Volleyball and Soccer. You can attach the Joy Con with a strap-on accessory to your leg to fully enjoy Soccer in this new upcoming game. You can also play with friends in local play and online for all sports. 


Many gamers are getting excited for these upcoming games, many more games will be announced later this year during E3 and Nintendo Treehouse. 


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