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Lewis and Clark Community College - Godfrey campus map<br >
Lewis and Clark Community College – Godfrey campus map
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Both students and visitors have difficulties with locating their destinations due to the lack of way-finding signs on the Lewis and Clark campus. The Student Government Association (SGA) has a plan in place to cutback on wandering time.

Visitors or new students are often unfamiliar with the L&C campus, and become lost easily with the lack of directional signs. Each building has its own uniquely designed signs, lacking a cohesive overall theme for the campus.

Easily identifiable directional signs would make campus travel far more efficient for guests, as well as new and returning students.

Parking lots also have no signs designating which lot a person is currently in, or who is allowed to park there. Visitor parking is broken up into three areas; outside of Erickson Hall, outside of Aiden Hall and near the Wade building entrance.

The main student parking is located at the back of the campus between Montessori Children’s House and Trimpe Advanced Technology Center.

“I remember my first visit here, I was looking for enrollment and I had no idea where I was going. I started out in Hatheway and, after 30 minutes of wandering, made it to enrollment,” Computer Graphics major Jessica Holding said.

Several members of SGA expressed similar stories while speaking with L&C President Dale Chapman about the wayfinding issue.

“The entire campus should have one sign theme in order to let the students easily find their way around the campus. SGA proposed this to the [L&C] President, and he attended our meeting on April 1 to hear our concerns about this issue,” SGA President Logan Walker said.

The solution to this issue is in its infancy and will take some time before action is set in motion. SGA is working in conjunction with faculty and staff to implement a plan to address directional concerns.

“Student Government is currently working to get more signage on campus. The students have all agreed that Lewis and Clark needs to have more way-finding signs on campus. It is very hard to make your way around campus when there are not any signs directing you to get to each building,” Walker said.

To view the parking options at L&C visit:, or call (618) 468-7000 for help with specific directions.

And find Lewis and Clark campus maps at .


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